Crescent Cities Charities gives meals to first responders

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Ashley Baiers gave a thumbs-up sign as an appreciative driver took a photo of the crew distributing sandwich meals to first responders and health-care workers Friday at the Dorchester Visitor Center in Cambridge. From the left are Paul Baiers, Ashley, Christy McDorman, Jamie Petrides, Sydney Schmick, and Jackie Skinner.

CAMBRIDGE — Crescent Cities Charities, Inc., (CCC) made a gesture on Friday that many folks nowadays would support — feeding first responders and health-care workers in gratitude for their sacrifices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Paul Baiers of CCC led the effort to set up in the parking lot of the Dorchester Visitor Center at lunchtime, to distribute free pit beef and roast turkey sandwich meals prepared by Jamie Petrides and his crew from Catering by Jamie. Jackie Skinner of Groove City 4-H Club brought posters created by the children to decorate the tent.

“People don’t always give thanks,” Mr. Baiers said from behind his protective mask as one car after another pulled up to the booth. “I don’t want them to think they are not appreciated.”

Workers from UM Shore Health Center at Dorchester didn’t have to drive for their meals — they just walked over from the hospital, many of them being greeted by name, as the team recognized friends.

The meals came at a time when most Marylanders are following Gov. Hogan’s order to stay at home and to maintain social distance when outside. But not everyone can do that — police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, as well as hospital staff are in close contact with the public.
That means that they accept a higher level of risk of becoming infected as they perform their jobs of public service. That’s something that people see and appreciate.
Mr. Petrides took a break from his smoky barbecue to say, “I wanted to do something for first responders.”

Ms. Skinner explained the posters the club’s children had created, featuring the names of professions the public depends on — not only first responders, either. Grocery store and fast-food workers were included in the art.
“We just felt like we should make signs and thank them for their service,” Ms. Skinner said.

Crescent Cities Charities is based in Prince George’s County. The group’s mission is to provide educational assistance to promising students with financial need and to provide grants and programs to worthy charities and community organizations in Prince George’s County and surrounding region. Many donations from CCC have already benefited Dorchester County organizations.

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