COVID-19: Cambridge Mayor addresses citizens

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
This screen grab shows Cambridge Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley during her Friday address to the city’s citizens.

Main points
• No confirmed cases in Dorchester on Friday morning
• Government is open and functioning
• Support local businesses
• Check on the vulnerable

CAMBRIDGE — Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley spoke to local citizens via Facebook video on Friday morning, sharing word of local preparations for COVID-19. “Due to the current State of Emergency, more transparency has been dictated, or deemed necessary for our citizens,” she said.

“The City of Cambridge is working every day for your safety and protection. All of our offices are open for business, although we don’t open our offices to the public, in the sense of providing safety to our citizens as well as our staff.

“The daily conferences I’m having with local officials here in the county are ensuring that I have current information that I have available to you, as our citizens, when necessary.

“The major message that I want to send out to you today is there are no confirmed incidences of the coronavirus pandemic touching the shores of Dorchester County. We do have citizens who have been screened, but none who have been deemed positive.

“What I can tell you from those meetings is that government is open, we are meeting daily to share information from all aspects of our community, and we want you to feel that you are safe in our community.

“Most of all, I want you to support our local businesses, if you can. Many of our restaurants are open for curbside service,” she said. “Also, look out for the elderly and for persons who have some illnesses who may be susceptible to the virus. Make sure our children, who are missing a lot of educational opportunity, do the homework they have been given.

“For those who are in need of food, there are free meals available at various locations. Take time to reach out to those resources that you have available.

“If you need more information from me, or from anyone in the City, please call 410-228-4020. I want to also thank Commissioner Foster for her effort to reach out to the community to make sure that more transparency is available to everyone.

“Each week, we have an update put on our website for the City. Read our website. A lot of information is there on the pandemic and the efforts the City of Cambridge will be presenting for you. Support your community. Reach out to your neighbor, and be safe. Thank you.”

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