National Day of Prayer Breakfast delivers message of hope

MD-National Prayer Breakfast

Dr. Jose Rojas (center) poses with local members of the clergy who came to hear his talk at the Minnette Dick Hall.

CAMBRIDGE — On May 7, a breakfast at the Minnette Dick Hall an extension of St. Mary’s in Cambridge marked the National Day of Prayer. The featured speaker, Dr. Jose Rojas, described as a motivator and mentor, delivered a wake-up call, an appropriate message for that early morning hour.

His talk was about community, alluding to the recent tragedies in Ferguson and Baltimore, but stressing more the potential of Cambridge at this time in history to be like the biblical city of light that cannot be hidden. He exhorted both city and church leaders to seek to make Cambridge a city that, having had its own tragedy in the past, can turn into an example of triumph and excellence.

Dr. Rojas says he comes from East Los Angeles and his family ended up on both sides of the law — law officers and law breakers. He has witnessed excesses on both sides. He approaches the recent tragedies with an understanding and compassion that he wants to share. He slips from his educated and excellent English into an East L. A. vernacular and body language that produced amused chuckles from listeners, but also provides authenticity for his very serious message.

Because of his vision and affection for Cambridge, Dr. Rojas tries to renew our appreciation of our own city with its natural beauty and the diversity of our people. He wants to turn positive feelings into action that Cambridge might be a beacon of light. He stresses that we may not be on a hill, but we are visibly located on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay area.

About 50 people attended the 7 a.m. gathering, including clergymen, Mayor Victoria Jackson Stanley, and Police Chief Dan Dvorak and officers from the Cambridge P.D.

The breakfast ended in a circle of prayer and the announcement of several community initiatives that are underway. A forum on Human Trafficking will be held at the Arts Center on May 21. A presentation on Healthy Living is scheduled at the Waugh Chapel on June 2.

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