Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford to speak at Black List awards

MD-Black List awards MUST_Lt Gov

Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford will be the Keynote Speaker at the Black List Awards this year.

HURLOCK—Ministers & Citizens for Change will kick off their 4th Annual Prestigious Black List Awards on Saturday, February 21, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. at the North Dorchester Middle School, located at 5745 Cloverdale Road in Hurlock, Maryland. This year the Ministers & Citizens are honored to have Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford as the Keynote Speaker for this celebration.
The Black List Award was created to recognize past and present leaders and everyday people who have made a difference and who have achieved honor in their respective category. This is only a partial list but we honor each and everyone for their devoted and dedicated services made to the communities.
There will be thirteen honoree who have made significant contributions in social, legal and human triumphs that have made an impact on the lives of others and that have overcome barriers, but, kept their faith. Extraordinary people who overcome extra ordinary obstacles. The theme for this year is, “We’ve come a long way, but, the struggle continues.”
For further information, please contact Sis. Cephas at 410-330-2178.
The Ministers & Citizens for Change and the Black List Awards were founded by Reverend Charles T. Cephas, with a vision of breaking down barriers and bringing people together in love, peace and harmony.
All are welcome.

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