Dorchester’s Country Churches: St. John’s United Methodist dates to 1789

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
A congregation has been meeting at St. John’s United Methodist Church on Kirwan’s Neck Road since the 1700s.

GOLDEN HILL — St. John’s United Methodist Church has observed regular service since 1789 in the Golden Hill area. The St. John’s United Methodist Church represents the smallest form of rural meeting houses erected in Dorchester County during the late nineteenth century, and it reflects the pervasive influence of the Gothic and Colonial revivals that guided church designs during the period from 1840s through the mid-twentieth century.

Built around 1890-1900, the gable-front church is defined by center, double-door entrance framed by a
Colonial Revival surround dating to the mid twentieth century.

At St. John’s, the Gothic revival is reflected in the use of pointed arch windows on each side, and the Colonial revival modifications were executed with redesign of the double door entrance with its fluted pilasters and segmental arched pediment. The congregation claims a date of formation during post Revolutionary War period.
The church is joined on the lot by a nineteenth and twentieth century cemetery, and a single-story church hall is located across the road. The church faces southeast.

St. John’s United Methodist Church stands on the west side of Kirwan Neck Road in the northern end of the Lakes Election District in southwestern Dorchester County, Maryland.

St. John’s United Methodist Church is located at 3244 Kirwan Neck Road. To reach the church, take Md. 335 south to the T intersection at Gootee’s Marine, and make a left onto Md. 336.
About half a mile farther on Md. 336, there is a sign on the right for St. John’s Church, which is a few hundred feet down the road.

Communion is celebrated monthly on the first Sunday, with fellowship after service. For information, call (443) 205-0638.