A walk in the woods

It was a chilly November morning, the rising sun sloshing light on the tree tops. Larry Walton and I were about half a mile into the woods that line the Nanticoke River near Vienna, when he wrappped his arms around a great old Atlantic white cedar. That tree species once shaded thousands of acres of […]

Dumbing down of smart growth

If you’re not yet worried about Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s abandonment of Smart Growth, you might want to read a new study on how Dumb Growth could cost Frederick County taxpayers some half a billion bucks. First, a brief Smart Growth primer (which was once available on the Maryland Department of Planning’s website — until […]

What makes a mountain tremble? Ravenous deer herds

For close to half a century, a forest in central Pennsylvania’s Perry County — about 5 square miles of mature hardwoods — has been a sanctuary; a place free from hunting, trapping and logging; where the natural world can remain “free as far as possible from molestation,” where visitors can “be enlightened and educated…” The […]