Trump, Torpedoes and the Clean Water Act at 45

The Clean Water Act is 45 years old this week, born in the U.S. Congress on Oct. 18, 1972. Sometime before that day, the river of my childhood — the Roanoke River in southwestern Virginia — had been declared a fire hazard because of pollution. I learned to waterski on that river, or rather on […]

Get down to Earth on fighting phosphorus pollution

Maryland’s newly elected governor, Larry Hogan, recently repealed the state’s Department of Agriculture’s Phosphorus Management Tool (PMT) regulation. His act made me gnash my teeth. Farmers and legislators on the Eastern Shore had begged him to repeal the regulation because it would have forced many of them to cease applying phosphorus-laden poultry litter to soils […]

Toledo’s toxic water emphasizes need to reduce pollution

Surviving a heart attack is a huge wake-up call that usually warrants a change of diet. Toledo, Ohio, just survived a heart attack. The city’s drinking water, drawn from Lake Erie, became toxic because of a huge algae bloom. Algae blooms are caused by too much nitrogen and phosphorous in the water. This one was […]