The Wanderer: Martinique, the isle of Flowers in the Caribbean

This French-speaking island lies just south of Dominica in the Caribbean. Its ties to history lie primarily through the French painter Paul Gauguin and Napolean’s wife Josephine who was born on the island. The island itself is very green and mountainous and includes the semi-active volcano, Mt. Pelee, which is popular with hikers. Over 200 […]

The Wanderer: A Viking Island

Even a traveler like the Wanderer will sometimes come across a remote location that is rarely visited. The island of Gilly, located off the coast of Holland and Denmark is just such place. The island has a permanent population of approximately 500 residents. In recognition of its Viking history, the national holiday is Thor Day, […]

The Wanderer: Abaco – One in 700

One of the 700 islands stretching 750 miles off the east coast, almost reaching Haiti, Abaco is part of the Bahamas. A delightful island of 15,000 residents, all of whom speak English! Airline flights to Marsh Harbour originate from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Nassau. Passports are required. Frequently, when one hears of the Bahamas, Nassau […]

The Wanderer: Are you an Island Hopper?

The islands visited here require a pretty big hop, 3000+ miles to be exact. Each has its own unique topography and place in history. Both are worth a stopover if you are in the vicinity. The San Juan Islands No! Not Puerto Rico. This set of islands, located in the State of Washington and juxtaposed […]

Make Costa Rica your first choice to visit in Central America

  If you have to go to Central America, go to Costa Rica. This country of 3,500,000 people has the most stable government in the area and welcomes expatriates from the United States. It has a national police force of around 400, which you never see, unlike a number of other countries in Central America […]

Planning a Vacation? Here’s some tips on how

Considering taking a cruise? Beware of the teaser ads for as little as $495 for a one-week vacation. These inside cabins have no windows and are smaller than other accommodations. Even if you are not claustrophobic, mal de mer is likely to occur. It pays to shop for specials.
Frequently, a last-minute reservation will produce lower prices. A travel agent is a good source for a best buy. Remember, the cruise line will be billing you automatically for tips on the boat. This is not included in the published price.

Always make hotel reservations directly with the hotel and not through Expedia, Travelocity etc. Use these websites to view the selection of available accommodations, then call, or have your travel agent call the hotel directly. Why? Frequently, the hotel will have lower rates not available at the central reservation desk.

Relatively unknown is the fact that if your reservation is made through a third party i.e. Expedia, and you arrive at your destination and there are problems, the hotel will not refund or make adjustments to your reservation. Remember to check to see if they have free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and shuttle service from the airport if these are important to you. Include beach towels if you are going to a beach. Big dollar savings here! Whether you are an AARP or AAA member or senior citizen, the hotel special prices are the same for all three.

The Wanderer: It starts with the letter R?

Canadians go there in droves, Americans not so much. An island only 40 miles long and 2 miles wide, it is home to 60,000 residents, all of whom speak English, but the national language is Spanish.

Year-round temperature is 77/84 degrees with the rainy season being October and November. The island’s history is one of conflict between the British and Spanish in the 1700s and a period of occupation by pirates. The only remaining pirates today drive the taxis. Taxis run every few minutes.