Adams – An athlete at one with the water

Submitted to the Dorchester Banner Kathryn Adams crossing the finish line at the Diamond Man Olympic Triathlon in September 2018.

CAMBRIDGE — Watching Kathryn Adams swim is like watching a dolphin. She is almost mystical as she becomes one with the water, effortlessly propelling herself at speeds faster than most fish in the Choptank River. “I grew up in Cambridge,” she said. “My dad was big into sailing, and we were always around the water. […]

Kim Gibbons-Neff – A fitness wake-up call

Submitted to Dorchester Banner Kim Gibbons-Neff decided to challenge herself with a new fitness plan after recovering from an injury. She is seen with her husband Henner, sons Grayson and Hayden, and daughter Alden.

EASTON — One day last June, Kim Gibbons-Neff, a speech therapist at Easton Elementary School, along with a few other teachers, decided to jump into a freeze-tag-dodgeball type of game with their students. During the game, she was stunned by a pop in the back of her leg, immediate tightness, and then searing pain that […]

Debbie Herr Cornwell – Paying it forward

Submitted to the Dorchester Banner Debbie Herr Cornwell is seen with her son Ben after the Across the Bay 10K.

CAMBRIDGE — Debbie Herr Cornwell and her son Ben were on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry waiting for the start of the “Escape the Cape” Sprint Triathlon. Knowing that his mother was nervous, Ben suggested that they count to three before jumping from the 12-foot high deck. When the gun fired he surprised her by yelling […]

Team TriMacc: Emily Ruf finds a new sport

CAMBRIDGE – What does a lifelong volleyball player from the western shore do on the Eastern Shore where there aren’t any leagues? This was the question Emily Ruf asked herself when she and her husband moved to Cambridge in 2011. The move forced her to look for a new sport to fill the gap, as […]