Residents, officials meet after Neck District floods

NECK DISTRICT — Days after the highest tides in years cut off access to many homes along Twin Point Cove, about 12 miles west of Cambridge, residents sat down with County officials to discuss ongoing efforts to get state and federal help to combat future flooding and shoreline erosion. “This is a problem that won’t […]

Summer-flowering bulbs to lift in fall

For those gardeners who don’t have enough to do at this time of year, for those who would dearly love to spend more hours outdoors, no matter how chilly or wet the weather, check to see if you have any summer-blooming bulbs in the ground that should be dug up and stored inside for the […]

Normandy woman creates garden like a painting come to life

Once upon a time, the stunning garden I want to tell you about was an orchard in a farming village in northern France. Apple trees, luxuriant green grass and wild flowers grew there. Far enough from the city that the dominant sounds heard were garden birds singing, roosters crowing and hens clucking, the village probably […]

Gardening in Northern France

The next few columns will focus on gardeners and their gardening secrets in a place far from the Eastern Shore – Upper Normandy, an area well north of the Normandy Beaches of World War II that so many people associate with Normandy. This part of France is a land of high cliffs, split by long, […]

Edging plants add color and fragrance to a garden

Santolina or lavender cotton makes an attractive edging plant with unusually colored, fragrant foliage and cute little yellow flowers.

Edging plants, whether growing along a walkway, flower beds or some other spot, lend a decorative touch that can transform a garden from nice to lovely. Like a cake that’s delicious without garnishing, add frosting, rosettes and a happy wish written in butter cream, and you elevate it to a different sphere. Among the many […]

A time to seek inspiration

Lurie Garden, in Chicago, designed by Piet Oudolf, grows on the roof of a parking lot.

At this chilly time of year, with Thanksgiving and the winter holiday season approaching, gardening slows to a crawl for most of us. Yet even when confined indoors, the mind of many a gardener may wander along horticultural paths. Indoors looking out, one can plan new ways of organizing the garden: Different spots for flower […]

Delicious native fruit, ripe for re-discovery

By fall, many of the luscious fruits grown in our region have come and gone. Local strawberries, peaches and melons will remain a sweet memory until next summer. But the paw-paw, a tasty native fruit largely unknown to modern Americans, has just started to ripen. Depending on a paw-paw tree’s variety and location, the fruit […]

Collison to manage Lewis store

NECK DISTRICT — The John Lewis General Store, a venerable watering hole in the countryside west of Cambridge known as the Neck District, is to reopen on Oct. 1, after a hiatus of two years, under new management, new ownership and a new name. On Thursday, Jacob Collison, 22, will leave his job as a […]

Gardening on the wild side

In these long, hot, last days of summer, it may not be too late to find surprises in your yard, particularly if parts of it have been abandoned to Mother Nature. Last month, I went away and left my yard to its own devices for about five weeks, apart from the lawn. A friend kindly […]

Colorful, versatile hydrangeas

On a recent trip to northern France, I was blown away by hedges of brilliantly colored hydrangeas, often planted alongside thatched cottages and other traditional country dwellings. The pom-pom flower heads, set against deep green leaves, resembled a child’s drawing made with pink, blue, purple and green crayons. In the past, I’d considered hydrangea blossom […]