Lawns could use a bit of summertime TLC

A friend complained that brown patches had appeared in her lawn. What had caused them and how could she restore the grass to its former splendor? Various factors may account for the unsightly patches, but the first thing to know is that disease and in-sects usually don’t cause such eyesores. The culprit could be animal […]

What’s that? A non-indigenous aquatic species

No, it’s not swimming, but it sure is on the move.I’ve recently heard interviewers ask experts, particularly with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic: “What keeps you awake at night?” or, “What do you worry about at 3:00 o’clock in the morning?” The question could well apply to gardening, too, and asked of any gardener. What […]

Azaleas: Color to cure the coronavirus blues

As we contemplate an uncertain future amid the coronavirus pandemic, one thing is certain and comforting: The spring and summer flowering of one of the most stunning garden shrubs of the mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions — azaleas.May may be the best time to see the amazing display of colorful azalea bushes that grace our gardens. […]

Make a moss garden: No digging required

Not long ago, I wrote about moss – how it had proliferated in the County since last year’s very wet spring and how some civilizations admired the tiny plant so much they devoted entire gardens to it.This spring, as the unusually wet weather seems to be recurring, patches of moss which appeared in my yard […]

Voters meet three District 1 candidates

CAMBRIDGE — Three women vying to become the Democratic Party’s candidate to run against U.S. Representative Andy Harris in November outlined their views and goals at a meeting with voters in Cambridge. Rep. Harris, a physician, has represented Maryland’s First Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2011. The district encompasses the Eastern […]

Neck District could get cell tower by fall

NECK DISTRICT — In a dramatic turn-around, the Neck District Volunteer Fire Company has won approval from the County to build a cellular transmission tower near its fire station, opening the way to thousands of dollars in income, improved communication for first responders and reliable cell phone coverage for residents of the area. Just a […]

Work aims to protect electrical lines in flood areas

NECK DISTRICT — Delmarva Power has been raising electrical transformers that sit on the ground in residents’ yards by almost two feet in part of the Neck District, in a bid to reduce the chance of blackouts during flooding and prepare for more severe weather linked to climate change. Work on 13 so-called padmount transformers […]

Residents, officials meet after Neck District floods

NECK DISTRICT — Days after the highest tides in years cut off access to many homes along Twin Point Cove, about 12 miles west of Cambridge, residents sat down with County officials to discuss ongoing efforts to get state and federal help to combat future flooding and shoreline erosion. “This is a problem that won’t […]

Summer-flowering bulbs to lift in fall

For those gardeners who don’t have enough to do at this time of year, for those who would dearly love to spend more hours outdoors, no matter how chilly or wet the weather, check to see if you have any summer-blooming bulbs in the ground that should be dug up and stored inside for the […]

Normandy woman creates garden like a painting come to life

Once upon a time, the stunning garden I want to tell you about was an orchard in a farming village in northern France. Apple trees, luxuriant green grass and wild flowers grew there. Far enough from the city that the dominant sounds heard were garden birds singing, roosters crowing and hens clucking, the village probably […]