Not for Sissies!: Reminiscing about positive memories

Remember when as a kid you used to go visit your Grandparents and have dinner? After dinner everyone would sit around and listen to your grandparents talk about the ‘good ole days.’ Inevitably you would hear Grandpop’s story about walking 5 miles in the snow to get to school. And that was after milking the […]

Getting old is definitely not for the faint of heart

Jackie Jones Vickers

In the early 70s, my Father went to Dr. Walter Gunby on Franklin Street in Cambridge. One day, while waiting for Dad, I walked up to the receptionist, Mrs. Gunby, the Doc’s wife: in the 70s a physician’s office, usually meant a husband/wife team. The wife was the receptionist, made appointments, did the billing, answered […]

Pleasant Day veterans join in wreath laying ceremony

CAMBRIDGE — Every year, the American Legion Post # 91holds a Wreath Laying Ceremony at Long Wharf in front of the WWI Monument Fountain, to remember and honor the men and women who gave their lives for their Country so that we could be free. Over the years the Legion has been very good to […]