Baltimore Symphony performs at DCA

CAMBRIDGE — More than 300 years ago, a gifted craftsman in Milan, Italy produced a remarkable and beautiful cello. That instrument has sung, moaned, and enchanted music lovers for centuries. It did it again, on Sunday, right here in Cambridge. Dariusz Skoraczewski, the principal cellist of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, played Bach’s Suite No. 3 […]

Wright’s works on display at DCA in June

There are several ways to capture the history and color of the Eastern Shore. James Michener accomplished the task skillfully with best-seller words. In their book The Great Marsh, David Harp and Tom Horton share their journeys through winding creeks also using words, but enhanced by gorgeous photographs that range from Tundra Swan flying in […]

Rev. Dr. Moore – Reflection on the dreamer

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan The Rev. Dr. John G. Moore Sr. of Delaware gave a fascinating presentation, including re-enactments of Dr. King’s most famous speeches.

CAMBRIDGE – When he was just a boy growing up in Delaware, the Rev. John Moore was an admirer of Dr. Martin Luther King. That’s when he began to memorize and share with others the speeches and dreams of Dr. King. Today Martin Luther King, the martyred Civil Rights hero has a chapter or two […]

January Arts … Painting, Poetry, Performance

Special to Dorchester Banner/Gloria Rojas The Hip Hop Line Dance class stops long enough for a picture.

Suppose you went to the Louvre Museum in Paris because you wanted to see the Mona Lisa. There she is with her mystic smile , but when you read the painter’s name, it says “Andy Warhol.” Wha–aa-t? Well something like that happened on this page last week when I omitted painter Will Dennehy’s entry. The […]

A new Exhibit, a Hanging in Cambridge

Did you ever hear an English teacher’s old grammar rule, “Horses and cattle get painted and hung, horse thieves and cattle rustlers get arrested and hanged?” So what went on at the Dorchester Center for the Arts on Jan. 2 and 3 was works of art being hung, and Lisa Krentel, an experienced and gifted […]

End of the Year at the Arts Center

December really was “the season to be jolly” at the Dorchester Center for the Arts. Two very different choruses performed their Holiday repertoire, making a joyful noise for the crowds that came to listen. The Gift Show visitors explored with delight the varied displays of original goods made by members and their friends. Money raised […]

Year-End Wrap-Up at DCA

It’s been “Showtime” at the Dorchester Center for the Arts this month but it’s not stopping yet. The current Gift Show may be thinning out a little as purchases are adding up, but plenty of tasteful gifts are still available. Just looking is fun with plenty of original jewelry, pottery, and paintings. And mittens! For […]

Second Saturday Weekend at the DCA

Every Friday at the Arts Center starts with the Fiber Arts women who arrive at 10 a.m. with their projects. Out come needles, shuttles, hoops, even looms; the women get down to their pleasant work. The group has been meeting for five years but welcome newcomers to join in what one participant calls her “mental […]

Cambridge: Tire slashing rampage in West End

CAMBRIDGE — At least two dozen car owners got up this morning to find their car tires slashed during the night. The tires were slashed on one side only, the side away from the house. The damage ranged from one tire to four, the last belonging to a landscape worker who saw his car lose […]

Bike path proposal approved for Cambridge park

  CAMBRIDGE — The City Council has authorized the signing of a lease with the state this week. The lease enables Cambridge to join the many communities in Maryland and throughout the country that have taken abandoned railroad right-of-ways and turned them into recreational areas for bicycles, pedestrians and even horses. In Cambridge, the Phillips […]