The Maryland Monument for Voter Reform: Historical Freedom Shrine

The top is off and the “genie” is coming out of the bottle. What is the genie? It is the best- kept political secret in more than a quarter of a century: “The historical freedom shrine story.” On Nov. 19, 2013 the Dorchester County Council showed bold and compassionate leadership in publicly recognizing and honoring […]

Maryland Voting Equity Reform Day

The Dorchester County Council proclaimed November 10, 2015 as Dorchester Historical Freedom Day. A celebration was held at the Hurlock train station commemorating this historical event. The historical freedom day team, comprised of representatives from some of the various branches of the local government, educational organizations, coordinated and sponsored the event. The mission is to […]

North Dorchester County: Birthplace of Voter Reform

Trails to Voter Reform from Harriet Tubman to the Historical Freedom Shrine When President Lyndon Johnson introduced voting rights legislation, he called the events in Selma “a turning point in man’s unending search for freedom.” Equally as significant was the establishment of the Historical Freedom Shrine in North Dorchester County. This 40,000 lb. monument commemorates […]

Dorchester Circuit Court receives Historical Freedom Shrine mementos

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time had come.”

CAMBRIDGE — The Historical Freedom Shrine is a 20 ton blue granite monument dedicated to the 10 bold men who worked to bring about voter reform on the local and state level in Maryland, correcting a voting system that discriminated against minority voters.