Cambridge Council discusses shootings, fireworks: No curfew

CAMBRIDGE — In a special meeting on Tuesday afternoon, the Cambridge City Council considered responses to a series of late-night disruptions in the city, several nights of which included fireworks, sometimes used as weapons. At a meeting last week, council members considered imposing a curfew on individuals under the age of 18. No vote on […]

Egide plant suffers $1M damage

CAMBRIDGE — One of the city’s major employers sustained severe damage in a July 1 fire. Egide USA’s factory suffered an estimated $1 million loss in a three-alarm fire first reported at 5:21 p.m. At that time, the volunteers of Rescue Fire Company Inc. (RFC) were dispatched for a commercial building fire at 4 Washington […]

Four shot in Cambridge early Sunday morning

CAMBRIDGE — An apparent gunfight in the early hours of Sunday morning has left four individuals wounded.The Cambridge Police Department received a call about 4:30 a.m. that there was a large crowd at a block party in the Weaver Avenue area of the city, where the shooting occurred.“Four subjects were shot, two in the arm, […]

Cambridge struggles with fireworks attacks

CAMBRIDGE — “Our firefighters are being assaulted,” Mayor Victoria Jackson-Stanley said during a City Council conference call on Thursday afternoon.It’s not only firefighters, either — police officers have been in the line of fire in recent nights, as storms of fireworks have been ignited in the streets of the city.Police patrols and firefighters responding to […]

ESNC, New Beginnings join to teach youth info technology

CAMBRIDGE — The Eastern Shore Network for Change (ESNC) donated $1,001.52 to New Beginnings Youth and Family Services to buy 25 Raspberry Pi computer science teaching kits, to be used in a coding camp focused on African-American youth. “We’re so grateful to them,” Executive Director Dr. Theresa Stafford said on June 18.“It’s all about community […]

Good Samaritan Phillips comes to the rescue

HUDSON — Working in a bucket lifted above the ground by a hydraulic boom has its dangers even in relatively safe conditions. But if a fire starts in the truck while a worker is hoisted aloft — and the mechanism locks so he can’t descend — things could get really bad, and fast.Somebody get George […]

City protesters demand racial equality

CAMBRIDGE — A series of protests took place in Cambridge on Friday, during Juneteenth observances across the nation remembering the day in 1865 when the last slaves were freed. Local groups gathered in this city, known for its civil rights activism, to call for racial equality. Recent deaths of African Americans, some at the hands […]

Events mark Juneteenth in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE — This city, with its rich history of civil rights activism, will saw at least three public events Friday to mark Juneteenth. June 19 has long been considered by African Americans as their own Independence Day, in memory of the last former slaves in Texas learning that they were free on that date in […]

Cambridge’s Race Street has a message: ‘Black Lives Matter’

CAMBRIDGE — Race Street has a message for residents of the town and anyone else driving through downtown. “Black Lives Matter” is being painting in large white letters down the middle of the road, created by a group of activists and artists. The display mirrors a similar project in Washington, D.C., in which city workers […]

Time indoors can be spent on family history

CAMBRIDGE — In unusual times, people sometimes make new choices — like how to spend their time. As long as schedules, both professional and personal, are mixed up, this could be an opportunity to try some new activities.One is genealogy, the study of a family’s history. An advantage in Maryland is the area’s recorded history, […]