Neck District VFC holds block party

NECK DISTRICT — Members of the Neck District Volunteer Fire Company held a block party on Saturday, as a way to foster new friendships among residents of the area. “Most of the streets within the Neck District are not overly conducive to meeting neighbors other than maybe those on adjacent properties, and even then it […]

Foresters concerned about ECI plans for natural gas

CAMBRIDGE — Delmarva foresters are worried about the possible loss of one their biggest markets. Members of the Dorchester County Council heard a presentation Sept. 3 from representatives of the Maryland Forests Association (AFI), who told them that the planned conversion of the Eastern Correctional Institution’s (ECI) energy production from mostly wood chips to natural […]

Nichols, Newcomb, Nagel: No to livestream

CAMBRIDGE — At the Sept. 3 meeting of the Dorchester County Council, the suggestion that meetings be livestreamed — shared online as they occur — was denied repeatedly. The reason, Council President William Nichols (District 2) said, was that if citizens are interested in council proceedings, they should attend the meetings in person. Livestreaming is […]

City dedicates Tubman mural, ‘Take My Hand’

CAMBRIDGE — It was a time to recognize a painful past, to honor work being done to achieve advancement, and to pray for a prosperous future. “A Day of Resilience” took place on Saturday to dedicate the Harriet Tubman mural titled “Take My Hand,” and to celebrate the contributions of African-Americans to Dorchester’s culture and […]

Pro players find way to give back

CAMBRIDGE — There are always guys playing ball at the Glasgow court. But not quite like this. Two lines of young boys, with two men giving instructions. The kids take the ball, and begin going through drills, maneuvering around cones, pivoting and passing. And doing all of it with focus, in quite an organized manner. […]

MLMS block party welcomes students

CAMBRIDGE — Who says kids aren’t excited about school? There were loads of smiles and plenty of energy Aug. 28 when students and their families attended Mace’s Lane Middle School’s Welcome Back Block Party. Held at the corner of Cosby and Greenwood avenues, the event featured music, dancing, games, face painting and a special contribution […]

Malone’s Church rehab project underway

MADISON — A project has begun to rehabilitate a historic African-American house of worship. Malone’s Church was established by free and enslaved blacks in 1864, and is now found on the Harriett Tubman Underground Railroad Byway Tour, as Stop 8. “For decades before the Civil War, four nearby communities, connected by footpaths through the woods, […]

Knepp: Keep an eye on ‘Next Door’

CAMBRIDGE — West End resident Barbara Knepp is urging neighbors to use the “Next Door” private social network app to keep informed on issues, including crime. She said the app is valuable in providing security, and in watching trends, such as the number of registered sex offenders living in Cambridge, especially in the West End. […]

Radio system under review

CAMBRIDGE — At the Aug. 20 meeting of the Dorchester County Council, Director of Emergency Services Evdokia Rahilly reported that work continues on improving the county’s radio system. Used by emergency responders, school buses and the department of public works, the network has been under renovation for years and the job is not yet complete. […]

Chesapeake College presents strategic plan

CAMBRIDGE — Chesapeake College President Cliff Coppersmith delivered to the Dorchester County Council on Aug. 20 copies of the institution’s latest strategic plan. He also took the opportunity to formally introduce the Cambridge Center’s new Campus Director Brandon Hesson. “I’m really excited to have joined Chesapeake College and help them,” Mr. Hesson said. “Initially, I […]