Hambrooks Light is almost gone

CAMBRIDGE — It may be the maritime community’s equivalent of the once beloved Wye Oak, a 400-year-old-plus landmark that had been around so long, until it fell in a windstorm in June 2002, people just expected it to always be there. Time, too, is running out for the Hambrooks Bar Light, or lighthouse as some […]

Cambridge history seen in two iconic chimneys

CAMBRIDGE — It looks like a giant hawk’s nest, made with pieces of netting, boards, railings, buckets, rope and cable. Situated atop a growing tower of brick, now 75 feet high, a crew works to restore an iconic Cambridge landmark, the twin chimneys of the once famous Phillips Packing House. The chimneys, and an attached […]

Holland’s Island: Dorchester County’s ‘Lost Atlantis’

SALISBURY — John Andrews can hardly believe the yard he cut as a boy is now a sand bar under the Chesapeake Bay. More than a yard has been submerged on Holland’s Island. Gone, too, is the two-story house built in the late 1800s, all the outbuildings, graveyards, and acres and acres of the island […]

Secrets and mysteries buried in Vienna shipwreck

VIENNA—There are secrets and mysteries in wooden bones found in the Nanticoke River. Framing members and timbers of what is believed to be parts of an 18th-century merchant ship were found 30 feet down in the river, under the Route 50 bridge, preserved in mud for more than 200 years. The wooden fender system around […]