New eatery, apartments revive Four Corners

MD-New eatery apartments revive Four Corners

Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
Workers strip and prime the wooden cornice of the Four Corners building, aiming for a midsummer completion of the project.

CAMBRIDGE–Renovations continue on the Four Corners building, or technically three buildings, making up the southeast corner of Poplar and High Streets in Cambridge. The property is on target for a mid-summer opening of the new Black Stag restaurant at street level, and a group of three apartments in the upstairs space.

Four Corners was purchased last year by Robert Pascal and the Pascal Family Group, and has been subjected to a renovation down to the bare beams. The Pascal Group will also be featuring a partnership with RAR Brewing on Poplar Street, and plans to feature brewing space in the restaurant to be maintained by RAR.

The Black Stag is slated to be a barbecue restaurant, something the Pascal’s have acquired a flair for. Pascal also owns the Talbot Smokehouse in Trappe (formerly Mitchum’s), Harbourside Grille and Bistro St. Michaels, and recently opened Pascal’s Chophouse at the site of the former Mason’s restaurant in Easton. Pascal also plans to purchase the State Bank of Trappe building in Trappe, and open an upscale pizzeria.

About the Pascal Group, Cambridge Economic Development assistant director Brandon Hesson is optimistic about their presence in Cambridge. “They are a good group to have around, because they aren’t the kind of people to duck into Cambridge and just own one restaurant with some apartments over it. I believe they will be the kinds of guys who will see some value in other projects around town.”

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