Harris calls for fair trade, better work ethic

Dorchester Banner/Dave Ryan
Congressman Andy Harris (R-1) spoke to members and guests of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce on Aug. 12.

SECRETARY — During a visit to the county on Aug. 12, Rep. Andy Harris (R-1) called for fair trade policies with the United States’ overseas markets, as well as a return to a strong work ethic among the American labor force.

“China just won’t come to the table,” he said at the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce’s lunch at Suicide Bridge Restaurant. “If trade policies are fair, we win everywhere.”

Leaders in the Eastern Shore business community came from around the area to attend.

“The event was opened up not only to our faithful Dorchester Chamber members, but also to Talbot County, Caroline County, and Salisbury Area Chamber members,” a statement from the local group said. “A large crowd came to hear him tell of what happened in the recently closed congressional session, and he left plenty of time for Q&A. Among things discussed were health care, offshore windmills, workforce training, and more.”

The U.S./Mexico/Canada Trade Agreement is now being renegotiated and, if it passes, “It would be a very good deal for us,” Rep. Harris said. “It was very well negotiated.”

As for Maryland, he said taxes had remained at the same level, and the current administration in Washington had lowered federal taxes. In other moves, “Just like the governor has cut regulations on the state side, the president has ordered the agencies to cut regulations. It’s been very effective at unleashing businesses.”

But a problem those businesses are facing, he said, is the lack of good workers. “We have to really focus on how to get the workers to fill the jobs this economy has. We have to make sure we have the welders, the electricians, the plumbers, the mechanics.”

“We have to reintroduce, on a broad basis, a work ethic in the United States. Day after day, I talk to employers, who tell me, ‘You know what? Workers stay on the job three days, and then they’re gone.’ We’ve got to get past that.”

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