Franchot salutes Emily’s Produce

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Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper Well wishers gather to congratulate the Jacksons at Emily’s Produce. From left: D37 Delegate Addie Eckardt; Kelly‘s mother Lois Testerman; Paul’s mother Diana Jackson; Kelly Jackson, Paul Jackson; Sheriff James Phillips; Comptroller Franchot; Register of Wills Doris Lewis; Tom Rider of the Department of Labor Relations.

CAMBRIDGE – State Comptroller Peter Franchot visited Emily’s Produce Oct. 7 to deliver a commendation and congratulate owners Paul and Kelly Jackson on 15 years of successful business at their roadside market on Church Creek Road.

“Emily’s Produce is one business Comptroller Franchot decided to recognize in the past as an Eastern Shore business that was keeping the pace in hard economic times,” said owner Kelly Jackson. “We were doing our best to keep moving up in a tough economic environment. We feel honored today that he’s stopping by again to keep us in mind and recognize us for 15 years of hard work and sweat.”

“It’s nice to be recognized by a political figure like Peter Franchot in a small community,” Kelly’s husband Paul added.

Emily’s Produce was started as a small roadside stand 15 years ago by the Jacksons, and it was named after their daughter Emily. Since then the place has grown, and so has Emily, a high school student now. Emily also has a brother, Kyle Jackson.

More growth is in the future for the former roadside stand. “We want to add on a little bit more, make the kitchen a little bit bigger,” Paul told us, “add some some more retail area. Hopefully we’ll get started this winter. We’re planning on it.”

“This is wonderful for Paul and Kelly Jackson,” said Delegate Addie Eckardt, who also stopped by to visit. “This (Emily’s Produce) is a realization of their dream after 15 years. They have built Emily’s Produce, named for their daughter, and now Emily is in high school and Kyle is a young man. They are a good example to other farms to be innovative and follow your dreams, and a wonderful inspiration to the community.”

“This is a fabulous small business, and I’m just here to salute Paul and Kelly for 15 years of operation,” said Comptroller Franchot. “They pride themselves on customer service, and boy, do they have a good product. They have wonderful kids, Emily and Kyle who help out, and I’m just proud as comptroller to be able to stop by and give them a pat on the back for producing a really good economic product.

“People don’t have discretionary money in their pockets, they’re very tight with a dollar, and that’s understandable, given the lethargic economy. That’s just more credit to Paul and Kelly for running a good place that people want to come and patronize. It’s so heartening to me as comptroller to see small businesses like this, despite the tough times, flourish. Emily’s is not just surviving, they’re thriving.”

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