Chef Fanning opens Black Water Coffee & Pastry

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The Dorchester Banner/Paul Clipper
Jamie Summers wields the scissors while Patrick Fanning and Deborah Divens of the Chamber of Commerce hold the ribbon and banner, while a crowd of well-wishers enjoys a sunny, warm day and plates of fresh, hot donuts at the new Black Water Coffee and Pastry shop in downtown Cambridge.

CAMBRIDGE—Patrick Fanning, executive chef and partner at Cambridge Eateries LLC, has partnered with Jamie Summers in the new Black Water Coffee and Pastry shop at 429 Race Street in downtown Cambridge.

“We just wanted to have a place where downtown Cambridge could get some really good coffee, and some really, really good pastry,” Patrick told the Banner. “We’re just a group of people who are passionate about the thing we love, which is coffee!”

Elliot’s Bakery, which seemed to start out on the good foot, ran into problems and the partnership dissolved. “They were partners with my partner, and for some reason Elliot’s just wasn’t meant to be,” Mr. Fanning said, “My partner asked if I would become a part of it and I said no problem at all, and here we are. We call it Black Water as a reference to the local wildlife refuge, and also, what is coffee but black water?

“We’re going to have coffee, sandwiches, ice cream, we’re going to do smoothies. We tend to do a different take on pastry—we make our own hot pockets, we make our own pop tarts. The hot pockets have been a big seller—they’re basically croissant dough, and we roll it out and stuff them with meats and cheeses and proteins and they become delicious. They’re a very good lunch, a very easy lunch, and we’re going to be doing delivery downtown for orders of five or more.

“We’re doing cakes and pies, cookies and pastries, and we’re doing wedding cakes, too. We have a different take of coffee drinks as well. We have a nutty Irish coffee that we use a whiskey syrup in it, though there’s no alcohol. We do that with a little bit of almond milk and some cream, everybody loves that. With smoothies we’re doing peanut butter, banana, chocolate, almond, all in one, everything just a little different.

“We have tons of breads too, as well. We make all the breads for the High Spot and Stoked, and we’re looking to branch out and do breads for other area restaurants and wholesale locations.”

The ribbon cutting for Black Water was on March 16, and Fanning & Co. filled the shop with well wishers. We asked Patrick how many hats he was wearing now. “More hats than I care to right now! We have High Spot, Stoked, and another location coming soon. Busy, yep, but busy is good, right?

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