Aero Energy celebrates 90 years in business

CAMBRIDGE — Formed in 1929, Aero Energy celebrates its 90th year of business Sept. 12, 2019. These 90 years are a true representation of the American dream, a dream that continues to live on with each of its employee owners.
It should come as no surprise that the growth Aero Energy has experienced did not happened over night. Prior to entering Dorchester County, Aero’s beginnings can be traced back to the quaint town of New Oxford, Pa. with the opening of a single service station.

Today, Aero Energy operates out of a headquarters in New Oxford, Pa., has 8 regional offices across Pennsylvania and Maryland and serves a total of 26 counties in PA, MD, DE and VA. What started as a single truck operation has grown to a fleet of over 200 vehicles.

Founded in 1929, an idea on a golf course in Caledonia between founder David DeTar and H. C. Moul, led to the opening of Aero’s first service station in New Oxford, Pa.

“What really makes Aero Energy special after 90 years is our people. As employee owners, they bring a level of care and attention to detail with them to work every day that is hard to find in an organization of this size. They treat every customer as a top priority which has driven our strong ties to the community,” said President Jim Sperry.

In Cambridge, Aero Energy is located on Washington Street in the former Wise Oil Building, whose business Aero acquired several years ago. For information on Aero Energy call 1-800-998-4311.

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